DVB TT Surekh Fonts

Hi friends today we are posting DV TT Surekh fonts. We got many request for this font. And today we are posting them on our site. Make sure your requirement and download that font only as we don’t want to keep all fonts in one package to avoid high server loads and easy to search nature of such files. To install fonts follow How to Download and Install Shivaji Font article.

Download Dvsr0btt – font – Dvsr0btt.ttf

Dvsr0btt font

Download Dvsr0itt font – Dvsr0itt.ttf

Dvsr0itt font

Download Dvsr0ntt font – Dvsr0ntt.ttf

Dvsr0ntt font

Download Dvsr0xtt font – Dvsr0xtt.ttf

Dvsr0xtt font

Download Dvsr3btt font – Dvsr3btt.ttf

Dvsr3btt font

Download Dvsr3itt font – Dvsr3itt.ttf

Dvsr3itt font

Download Dvsr3ntt font – Dvsr3ntt.ttf

Dvsr3ntt font

Download Dvsr3xtt font – Dvsr3xtt.ttf

Dvsr3xtt font

We hope that these fonts will help you in marathi typing. Leave us feedback, comments and suggestions which will help us to improve our site for all marathi peoples.

If you think these fonts are owned by you and not free drop us email on manjifera[_a t_]gmail.com.

28 thoughts on “DVB TT Surekh Fonts

  1. title is about ‘dbv’ ttsurekh font and the links are ‘dv’ ttsurekh…. can anyone give me dvb ttsurekh font download link??

  2. मराठी मध्ये काम करणे आत्ता इकदम सोपे आहॆ. वापर करून पहा.
    श्री भूषण प्रवीण गाढवे.
    मी मराठी.

  3. we require marathi font tsm dvbtt surekh for personal work. is it available in market? if yes how to purchase

  4. I have dvbtt surekha fonts but unable to type these fonts. is it possible to get it auto converted from Shivaji font or Mangal font? or where can we have key board for this. I have down loaded from internet the keyboard but unable to locate many letters like SH in Marathi. SHIKSHAK and so on. what is best way to get word file in marathi automatically get converted into DVB TT Surekha font like we select for english word files.

  5. मला इंग्लिश typing येते मात्र मराठी type करण्यासाठी Mangal body किंवा Utsaha ह्या font मध्ये type करावे लागते व तो font शासकीय कामासाठी चालत नाही त्यासाठी convert ची सुविधा आहे काय (convert to DVB-TT-Surekh En, DVBW-TT surekh en )

  6. TT surekh, फॉण्ट मधे टाइपिंग केलेली वर्ड फाइल मोबाइल मधे वाचन्यासाठी काय केले पाहिजे

    1. sadhya tashi suvidha uplabdha nahi. tyakarita tt font tumchya smartphone madhye takla pahije. je fakta rooted phone madhye shakya aahe.

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