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Good Morning friends. So you want to learn marathi typing? Today we have come up with new innovative creation for learning Marathi Typing with Shivaji Font. Shivaji font is widely used font for marathi typing. As this font is easy to type which is kind of phonetics based font i.e “what you spell is what you type” If you want to learn typing with shivaji font on your computer you need to install shivaji font on your “system” / “Computer”. As we know this is the first time on the internet we have introduce font based typing tutor for you guys. If you are hindi language user you too use this typing tutor.

Steps to start typing tutor

1. Download and Install Shivaji font from post.

2. Once you done installing shivaji font proceed to step No 3.

3. Now you need to Restart your browser and revisit this page. You will see marathi words on this page.

4. Click on any Marathi word to start tutor.

5. Now you will see that words Preview, key Strokes you have to type from your english keyboard and what You have typed. Just keep matching key strokes with your typing (Case sensitive ) and see you are learning Marathi Typing with Shivaji Font.

6. Keep practicing with other word.

7. We have covered most of words from simple to complex. Let us know words which are difficult for you.

8. Post your valuable comments, feedback on this typing tutor and keep visiting MarathiTyping.com

Marathi Word : Aa[-
keyStrokes : Aa[-
You have typed :

ilahUna haoNaar\yaa k$ p%ta tlaava marazI iSavaajaI maharaYT/ p`SaaMt Baart ixatIja laavaNyavatI mad- koalhapur baulaZaNaa kvaIta klyaaNaI baaL qauMkI EaImaanayaaogaI ! maatRCayaa iptRCayaa iva{la maRgajaL ka^laoja samaaMtr Ku_ svaatI

We hope all of you will enjoy learning Marathi Typing.

83 thoughts on “Learn Marathi Typing with Shivaji font – Marathi Typing Tutor

    1. Hi there is no dedicated key for “kra” so you need to go to Character map and then select shivaji font and select “क्र” from that list as its possible in latin keyboards only. type “ËoDIT” to get word.

      Thank You!!

    1. Hi Girija,
      i have added word honarya as there is no jodakshar in shivaji font we have to make r half and then yaa to it. Please check key strokes.

      Thank you.

    1. Hi ketan i have just posted one comment to Girija about same. Please see first added word in list honarya. for word karyakram see updated wordlist.

    1. Hi Ranjit, “shikshankram” madhil “kra” ha special charater aslyane tumhala to Charater map –> shivaji font madhun copy karava lagto.
      Type it like “iSaxaNaËma” copy this special charaters “Ë” from character map.

      Thank You

  1. we are very thankful to you that u hve gave us this facility freely available on net. i m using our marathi fonts since last 10 years like shivaji font.

    but one more suggestion to u that try to modify the shivaji font. because its look is not so much good. so try to modify it.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Telule, thanks for your comments and feedback. As shivaji font is not created by us but we will try to create fonts based on shivaji font typing style.

    1. Hi Swapnil. you need to type like

      “ek alt+0214 ;k” Here we dont have key assigned for half Z so we need to get it using alt + 0214. you need to refer charachter map for more special non assigned characters in marathi fonts.

    1. Hi Asif,
      Goto Character map and select shivaji font and then copy special character from list to your document.

      Thank You.

    2. Goto character map and select your font and copy characters you want in your document and paste them in there.

      Thank You.

  2. How to write nishchit or vishleshan using shivaji font. “निश्चित” I am interested in using shra without ra in this.

    1. Type “@sa” – If you are not getting specials character then use charater map to view character and its associated keys or copy it from there.

  3. Indeed a good user friendly font but many use less unnessary additionrtant such as Sha is given on two keys coma Bracket Nga is very rarely 99.9 % not used in marathi. Insted few important signs would have made it more appreciable and acceptable. I think The makers of the font have no intrest in development improvement or corrections. Typical Indian.

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