Marathi Typing with Google Transliteration IME Software

Very good morning friends. We know you guys, girls always looking for new software’s for marathi typing in this website and for same reason we are always updating our site with new and helpful contents for you.

Today we are giving you most awaited [ sorry we are posting it after long time ] marathi typing software its Google Transliteration IME for marathi typing. Google and specially google indian engineers had did hardwork for making Google Transliteration IME to type in 22 Indian languages. And today we are posting about how to use it for marathi typing.

Step 1 :- Download.

google translation ime

1. Goto
2. Now from drop down menu select “Marathi
3. Then select your CPU’s type either it have 32bit or 64 bit processor. To know your processor type Right click on your My Computer–> Properties and check system type – 32bit or 64 bit operating system.
4. Now click on Download Google IME Button.

Step 2 :- Install
1. Now after downloading IME double click on .exe file and let it install IME. You still need internet connection while installation.
2. After installation you will get successful installation message.

Step 3 :- Settings
For settings Please watch videos given below for both Win XP and other versions of windows videos created by

These videos will help you in detail while setting google IME.

We hope you all will enjoy this nice, simple, easy to use software. Please leave us feedback, comments and your questions for installing this IME.

32 thoughts on “Marathi Typing with Google Transliteration IME Software

    1. Hi Sharad we are providing most of typing software’s from this portal. As currently we have just marathi typing and not translation software’s. Keep in touch to get more updates about same.

      Thank You.

  1. i m not able to download this software whenever i tried to run setup it automatically starts Google earth or google chrome downloading which is already installed on my pc plz help ineed this software very very much.

  2. Sir
    I have a doc file with image & word (shivaji font)

    I want to convert font Shivaji in to Mangal font.
    [removed email id]

    1. Hi Deepak,
      Please download and use this limited edition software. to convert from Shivaji to Mangal.

  3. Downloaded as per given instructions. But the language bar( English, Marathi) does not appear in the bottom task bar.
    — Uday

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