Offline Marathi Typing Pad

Today we are releasing new Offline Marathi Typing Pad for all our users. Using this type pad you can Type Marathi or Hindi even when you are offline! This is the best application for offline marathi typing.

We hope you will enjoy this Offline Marathi Typing pad!

Step to install :

1) Download offline Marathi Type Pad from here

2) Unzip his Type Pad Package on your desktop

3) Click on MarathiTypePad.exe and start Typing Marathi

4) Leave us feedback here in comments!

28 thoughts on “Offline Marathi Typing Pad

  1. There is how many fonts i can use? & from where i can download that fonts? I want various types of fonts like Shree Lipi. In this software there are lots of fonts. So is there any kind of fonts in it?

    1. Hi shilpa, some fonts are paid font, which we can’t keep on our site. As you need to purchase them from respective creators. Again we have free fonts you can use one or as many as available for your need, They have different keyboard layout and that will take time to learn keyboard layout for every font.

    1. Hi Megha,

      You have to copy paste these unicode fonts in your photoshop window. If its not working Download and indtall Shivaji font and use it as a True Type font in your system. Just select from dropdown font list in Adobe photoshop.

    1. Hi Yogesh,

      You can simply save typed matter in your word processor or in your mail. That’s what we can do now. We will bring Save feature very soon. Thank You.


  2. I was Khalnayak.ttf font because I have a document which requires this font to be viewed. Please send me a site which will help me to download this font.

    1. Hi Laxmikant, Currently we don’t have Khalnayak.ttf font. If you can please google it about same!

      Thank you.

  3. Hi,
    We need unicode keyboard drivers as provided in So that we can use drivers & fonts universally in web and also on other applications like ms-word. Unfortunately dont have keyboard drivers which supports windows 7 and ubuntu 11.0 operating system.

    1. hi prajakta some special characteres might be missing so copy paste them from other typing IME like google IME or pramukh IME

      Thank You.

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