Devanagari Keyboard Layout Driver – Marathi Typing IME

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Hi all. Welcome back. So you must be thinking what we have in our magical pouch haan? Today we are giving you another piece of software which will help you to type marathi better, simple and in easy way! This free Keyboard Layout Driver is created by Mr. Makrand Gadre owner of web portal.

gadre marathi typing ime

It’s Keyboard Layout Driver which you can use like any other IME’s (simply for this website…. marathi typing software ) posted on this site or available on internet to type marathi.

We know you have lots of question in mind how can i install, use this Keyboard Layout Driver and is it easy to use with compare to other IME’s and Softwares? We are going step by step Installation to use guide.

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Microsoft Indic Input 2 for marathi typing

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Namaskar / Hi all guys, girls, and marathi lovers we hope you enjoyed marathi typing and software’s, font’s and tips till date. Again we are here to give you another marathi typing software from Microsoft its Indic Input 2.

BhashaIndia, India’s leading Indic computing community portal by Microsoft has over 15000 registered users and continues to grow by the day. It has become a one stop center for all resources related to Indian language computing. Articles, latest news, snippets of interesting information and resources like applications related to Indic computing are all available on this site. Today BhashaIndia has become the destination for anybody interested in Indian language computing.

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Hindi Writer Software for Marathi Typing / Writing

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Grrrrrrr!! What’s this? Hindi Writer Software for Marathi Typing? Don’t get confused as we all know or if you know hindi and marathi languages are using same script, that is (for science students i.e :P) Devnagari script. So we can use hindi typing software to type marathi or marathi typing software to type in hindi. Just title makes them different. 🙂 I hope you guys, girls are no more in confused state if theres.

So today we are going to provide new Marathi Typing Software “HindiWriter” from To use this software you have download and install this software. Download it from link given at the end of this post.

Whats new in this software?

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Type in marathi

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मराठी मध्ये टाईप करा. ( इंग्लिश किंवा मराठी टाईपींग साठी Ctrl+g दाबा)

Special characters : – लँड    – कॅट    – बॉट