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Welcome and Namaskar, Today we are offering you paid calligraphy software called IndiaFont V1. This Marathi Hindi calligraphy creation software will help any individual, design professionals, printing press, publications, T-shirt designers, banner printing firms in their work. This software provides you range of features.

Using this software you can create calligraphic  typography. Generated typography can be exported as vector, png, jpeg to work further in photoshop, corel draw. So you can add more effect in your design.

Check out creative work generated from this typography software.

These are the examples you can create as per your clients need, design and creativity.  And its easy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about this software.

#1. Which Languages it Support.
Ans. Currently this software provides Devnagari Fonts to type i.e you can use it for Marathi/Hindi Calligraphy creation.

#2. What other features its have?

Ans. It is easy to  type. Like phonetic typing. You are getting upto 12 different variables (i.e shapes) of letter. Upto 60 “Kana” Variables so your calligraphic typography will not look same again.

#3. How can i use this typography in photoshop, corelDraw.
Ans. As this is mainly typography software to create beautiful typography you can export it as vector, png, jpeg so by importing that in photoshop you can add extra spice in your design. So you can work lossless environment with vectors.

#4. What is the price? Is price affordable?

Ans. This typographic software is available in two packages.

1. Star Package- You will get 50 different fonts. For 6999/-

2. Gold package – You will get 75 fonts, Future Software Update, Free Fonts upto 50 in v2 Update. For 12999/-

These prices are affordable as in Silver Package you will get each font for 140/-  i.e 6999/50.

And in Gold Package you will get each font for 103/- i.e 12999/125, includes Version v1 and Version v2 Fonts.

And on top this you are getting software with so cool features like background images, vector designs to add  in your typography. So overall its worth money investment.

#5. I have more question regarding buying this software. Where to contact.
Ans. You can call on phone number – +91-9970842317 And we will provide you required information.

We hope this will be helpful and productive software for your business and works. Drop us your requirement and we will revert you back as early as possible.

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