New 6 devnagari fonts collection

Hello all marati and hindi lovers. Today we are posting new freely available devnagari fonts. These fonts are available on internet but there were no preview for these fonts. We have created keyboard layout for these fonts. Keyboard layout is almost same for all these fonts except Devnagari new have different keyboard Layout.

Roupya marathi font keyboard layout specially made by Keyboard Layout Generator Tool.

Roupya marathi font keyboard layout

Devnagari new font keyboard layout specially made by Keyboard Layout Generator Tool.

Devnagari new marathi font keyboard layout

Download 01-roupya-marathi-font font – 01-roupya-marathi-font.ttf
01-roupya-marathi-font font

Download 02-vakra-marathi-font font – 02-vakra-marathi-font.ttf
02-vakra-marathi-font font

Download 03-saras-marathi-font font – 03-saras-marathi-font.ttf
03-saras-marathi-font font

Download 04-kanak-marathi-font font – 04-kanak-marathi-font.ttf
04-kanak-marathi-font font

Download 05-sharada-marathi-font font – 05-sharada-marathi-font.ttf
05-sharada-marathi-font font

Download 07-devnew-marathi-font font – 07-devnew-marathi-font.ttf
07-devnew-marathi-font font

We hope you will enjoy these font and marathi hindi typing with these fonts. For any copyright claims please write us back manjifera at gmail dot com and we will respond you promptly.

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