Kiran font – true type font

Yet another popular font for Marathi Typing from

The fonts are designed to work on any windows OS including Windows 3.1, 95, NT, ME, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and above. It is also reported that It runs well on MacOS X and above, Linux.

Follow these instructions on a to start using the KF-Kiran fonts and discover how simple it is to write your own language – Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit, Nepali, Sindhi in Devnagari.

Download Kiran Fonts now

1. Open and extract all the files into a Temp folder such as c:\temp.
2. Open Control Panel and Double-Click on Fonts Icon, it will show all installed Fonts in the system.
3. From File Menu Choose Install New Font.
4. Give the correct path where you extracted the files (eg c:\temp).
5. Select All Fonts and Press OK.
6. To know about how to use the fonts, refer to KF-KeyBoardLayout.doc in the Temp folder.
7. Read ‘SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS’ Section to learn how to type special combinations SUCH AS ‘k’, ‘f’, ‘ru’, etc.

Kiran Font keyboard layout snap:

Kiran font keyboard layout

36 thoughts on “Kiran font – true type font

  1. Just trying out basics of this font as I hve need to get marathi typing. Following are areas I am looking for help, if possible-
    1. Could not find ‘pra’ as in marathi ‘prakash, priya, prati, pratyek’.
    2. after typing first word and hitting space bar, the first character disappears.
    Thats all for now. Thanks

    1. Hi Shreedhar!

      To type “pra” in kiran font type

      1) “p” then press “~” i.e tidle key and then “a” for kana
      you will get “प्र”
      2) can you tell me on which page you are experiencing this issue? or its for kiran font?

      Thank you!!

  2. Hello,

    I am not able to create the special characters even using combination of ALT key and 0210. I also installed the fonts.
    But not able to create these. I have tried using Firefox and IE.

    When I press the keys, it doesn’t even type anything.

    Am I missing any steps?


    1. Hi Nikhil you have to type some keys and then just press backspace! that will create special characters. Follow this and do let me know.

  3. Hello! I have been using Kiran font since a few years and find it nice to operate. I wish to publish one of my work, which I typed in Kiran. However, my publisher has not been able to convert the file into any other common Devnagari font, generally used for publication of books in Marathi. Is it not possible to convert it? I came to know that Shivaji Font is convertible to Devnagari font like SHREE.
    Pl. write.

  4. Hi megha! Try out this help from official kiran font! But its to convert unicode to kiran font.

    Kiran font conversion

    and i think you have to type your entire contents in other publishers font. Because Kiran font is True Type font and its not Unicode font as mentioned in Kiran font official website.

    Thank you!

  5. Cant use special characters using alt key and numeric combination. Tried using your backspace idea also, but of no use. Plz help out on this issue..

    1. Hi Abhijeet,

      you have to keep pressing till last digit say for typing 0200 keep alt key down and then press 0200 and then release alt key. Please check you have selected kiran font from font list while typing. As it works only when kiran font selected in your word processor.


    1. Hello Priyanka,
      समुद्र he Kiran font madhe type karnyaathi. khalil pramane type karave.

      samaud` – ` Acute type karnyasathi 1 ya key chya aadhichi key type kara jyane d cha pay model. va to “dra” banel.

      Thank You.

  6. Hi,

    Typing above letters for asnaarya or baryach i.e. for rya is not working.
    after pressing \ it shows the down sign we normally use below the characters. Please advise.


  7. Hi,

    Typing above letters for asnaarya or baryach i.e. for rya is not working.
    after pressing \ it shows the down sign we normally use below the characters. Please advise. My os is windows 7.


  8. pl give perfect explanation to type asanrya …rya. your answer is not helpful. it doesnt type rya in marathi.

  9. I am using very well and easily Kiran Font with great experience. By using Kiran font, I can type with keyboard friendly every type of Marathi characters . It is more easy than other fonts. I have great experience using Kiran Font.

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