Microsoft Indic Input 2 for marathi typing

Namaskar / Hi all guys, girls, and marathi lovers we hope you enjoyed marathi typing and software’s, font’s and tips till date. Again we are here to give you another marathi typing software from Microsoft its Indic Input 2.

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This is really simple software/IME to type in marathi quickly without complex settings. Just download IME package from given download link and unzip and run setup.exe. For additional help you may read included help pdf file.

Steps to install Microsoft Indic Input 2

1) Download Microsoft Indic Input 2

Mirror 1 – Mediafire – Recommended
Mirror 2 –

We have tested this software on Windows 7 Machine! If you are not on windows 7 machine then refer this link to download suitable os version. Download from

2) Now unzip contents in one folder and Run Setup.exe and install this IME.

3) Goto Control Panel -> Languages -> Select “Indic Input 2” or “Marathi” keyboard. Save settings and exit. For more settings see help pdf included in package.

4) Switch Between Marathi or English Typewrites using language toolbar.

bhashaindia marathi Indic Input 2 language toobar marathi typing

5) Now you can type easily on web or in any word processor. While typing any word you will get on the fly help.

marathi typing with microsoft ime

Update : Added this video! by Sushant Devlekar 15.04.2012
Watch this video to how to install and use Indic Input 2

We hope you all will surely enjoy this software to make your life easy to type in marathi and to grow marathi language!

Leave your comments, feedback and any software which is not listed in this web so we will think to add it on our website.

Have a great time @ Happy Holi.


16 thoughts on “Microsoft Indic Input 2 for marathi typing

  1. अनुस्वार टिम्ब कसे टाईप करावे? .

  2. ISM V6.2 ( DVOT YOGESH MR , DVOT SUREKH MR , ) Not shown in Office 2007 in Windows XP. Pls guide me if there are any possibilities to use this two fonts in Windows XP.

  3. Dear sir,
    Marathi indic input tool is very useful to type in Marathi. But you know that today roman numerals as 1234…. are used everywhere. and lingual numbers १२३४…. are very rarely used. roman numerals are universal and in excel to perform calculations roman numbers are important. but in marathi indic input typing roamn numerals can be typed when caps lock key is on and lingual numbers can be typed when caps lock key is off. But for convenience this setting must be opposite. That means roamn numerals must be available when caps lock key is off and lingual numbers should be availabe when caps lock key is on as lingual numbers are rarely used. Plese make these changes.

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