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Hi friends its been too long time we haven’t posted any stuff. We are sorry for same. But today we are back with our new typing tutor for Kruti dev Marathi Typing font. Kruti dev is widely used marathi font in organization for marathi typing. From this tutor you will learn how to type using kruti dev font. Instead of long long information lets get started how to download, install and learn marathi typing using kruti dev font. 🙂

1. Download kruti dev font from links below.
Kruti dev font Mirror 1
Kruti dev font Mirror 2

2. To install Unzip given font file in one folder on desktop. Copy krutidev.ttf file into C:\windows\fonts folder.
Once you done installing kruti dev font proceed to step No 3.

3. Now you need to Restart your browser and revisit this page. You will see marathi words at below on this page.

4. Click on any Marathi word to start tutor.

5. Now you will see that words Preview, key Strokes you have to type from your english keyboard and what You have typed. Just keep matching key strokes with your typing (Case sensitive ) and see you are learning Marathi Typing with Kruti dev Font.

6. Keep practicing with other word.

7. We have covered most of words from simple to complex. Let us know words which are difficult for you we will add them on time to time.

8. Post your valuable comments, feedback on this kruti dev typing tutor and keep visiting

9)For reference we are giving you krutidev font Keyboard layout. kruti dev font keyboard layout

Marathi Word : vkbZ
keyStrokes : vkbZ
You have typed :

c‚fyowM ncax [kku lyekupk VîqcykbZV flusek ckgqcyhyk VDdj ns.;kl lTt >kyk;- rCcy ngk gtkj

vkbZ LOkkxRk eSk;Z Hkkjr ejkBh dkaWI;qVj f’kokth {k.k fnO; HkO;
dkO; dFkk doh dyk dY;k.kdkjh i`FohjkTk Lora= m?kM;koj dksV;ko/kh

We hope that you will enjoy and will learn marathi typing with kruti dev font. Leave us your feedback, comments and suggestions.

67 thoughts on “Kruti Dev Marathi Font – Typing Tutor

  1. Hello Sir.. me ek student ahe mala ek project banvayacha ahe tr tyasathi mala english madhe type krun te marathi madhe milvayche ahe tr tyasathi kay karave lagel..(ex..talpade sharad=तळपाडे शरद) as ans milvaych ahe..please reply me fast..8888231335

  2. Dear Sir,

    how to type the same in Word or Excess

    I tried to do that but there is no font named Kruti.

    Please advise.



    1. Hi sanjay you need to download and install that font from this website.
      Once you done that you have to select font name from list of fonts as “krutidev”

  3. sir mala marathi typing krutidev fong free madhe download karayche aahe te kase prakare karave he krupa karun sagave

  4. please sir mala marathi typing krutidev fong free madhe download karayche aahe te kase prakare karave he krupa karun sagave

  5. what is the difference between Marathi kruti dev 010 and Marathi kruti dev 055 ??? plz tell me or email me on my email Id.. plz..

  6. ट्र कसा टा इ प करायचा कृतीदेव मध्ये ?

    1. tra sathi tumhala “character map” madhun to copy karava lagel. kahi khas kinva jast character charachter map madhe tumchya font che naav select karun gheta yetat.

    1. krutidev is ttf font for windows as we are suing for windows os. Not sure same will work in android. Try downloading and using it with appropriate app.

  7. sir mala kruti dev font madhe ardha r nahi nahi milala pleas mala sanga ki ..kharya madhala r kasa gheu shaku ..kindly requst for you sir

  8. sir krutidev dev font madhe “SHETKARYA” “HONARYA” he words kse lihave?? mens ऱ्या ha word krutidev madhe ksa lihta yeil??

  9. like typing master pro i want to know that is there any software to learn marathi typing with krutidev font….
    plz tell me as early as possible

    1. Follow instruction to install krutidev font on your pc. And then open word and select krutidev font from list.

  10. आरधे ‘म’ आरधे ‘झ’ आणि आरधे ‘त्र’ कसे टाईप करायचे, आणि carecter map म्हनजे काय?

    1. Hello Laxman,
      Character map mahnje windows cha ek asa program aahe jo font madhil 26 keychya peksha jast character pahanyachi jaga. Windows PC madhey to program Start – Accessories – tools madhe asto to open karun tumcha font tumhi nivda ani tumhala tumhala apekshit asleli special characters miltil.

      Thank You.

    1. Hi Prakash,
      Goto Character map and select Krutidev font and select half jha. Copy it and paste it to your document and type “ya”.

      Thank You.

  11. Namskar
    mala क्र as type karnyasathi me D ani z cha upyoug karto pan te
    asha prakare disat nahi. to ardha r ka chya center la yeto. hyasathi kay karayla have.

    1. Hello mahesh, Goto Character map and select kruti dev font and select क्र from that list. Copy paste in your document. As there are more character which do not fit on keyboards which will be there in character map.

      Thank You

  12. नमस्कार सर , सरकारी कार्यालयात कोनत्या (मराठी) फोंटचा वापर होत असतो व ते आपण ISM software चा वापर करुण करू शकतो का ? तसेच मराठी टाइपराइटर चा सराव आपण घरी कोनत्या फोंट मधुन करू शकतो

    1. sarkari karyalayat
      dv ani dvb ya font series cha wapar hoto. tasech godrage font chahi wapar hoto jo typewriter pramane asto.

  13. Hello Sir,

    We are doing windows based application in which we want to provide the facility for marathi typing without setting font & input language. in the text box by default marthi typing should be unable and it strictly consider devanagiri keyboard input.

    Plz help

    1. You may use character set like unicode character and replace then accordingly. with keypress. Say typing will put value in textarea as “unicdoe a” and like wise. Just keep appending characters next to the cursor position. And its programming part which we are not much familiar.

  14. सर नमस्कार
    कृती देव मध्ये “ड्य* हे कसे टाईप केले जाते

  15. wareel maximmum key ashya aahet je caps lock aani without caps lock ne milat nahit tya sathi atyant mahatwachi shortcut key det aahet….type karun lakshaat thewa, saraw kara.
    azun kahi problem yet asel tar mala mail kara.
    key hint – crtl alt any key
    ya madhe bharpur key milteel….
    happy typing

    1. Type like this “egkjk”Vª” last special character Character map madhun kruti dev font select karun ghyave lagel.

        1. “dj.kkÚ;k” type like this. you need to search special characters from character map of that font. character map -> select krutidev font.

  16. dear sir,
    i want to know the finger position for marathi typing on english keyboard. As in english we put fingers on asdf ;lkj, what is the finger position while marathi typing. is it as below
    sdfg ;lkj or
    sdfg ‘;lk or
    asdf ‘;lk

    pl reply..

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