Download Shivaji font with Indian Rupee Currency Symbol

Hi to all readers. Few months back reserve bank accepted Rupee symbol for intentional representation of Indian Rupee. Because of this change many of us needs Rupee symbol while typing in marathi. We have come up with great solution with free font there called “Shivaji font”. We at added Rupee symbol in shivaji01 font, which one of the fonts from 3 shivaji fonts. rupee symbol in shivaji font marathi typing

This rupee symbol is helpful for persons, companies, banks and other organizations who are using shivaji font as default font for their official marathi or hindi document typing.

What changes we have done with original Shivaji01 font?

1. We have removed na small which is not used most of the time while marathi typing from Key press “H”.

na marathi typing

2. Then We added rupee small symbol at that place.

marathi typing ruppe symbol

To type Rupee Symbol type “H” after selecting Shivaji01 font in your favorite word processor.

Currently we have integrated Rupee symbol in Just Shivaji01.ttf font. and providing it in this post.

Steps to Download and Install Shivaji01 font with rupee Symbol.

1. Download Shivaji01 font with Rupee Symbol

2. Follow the instruction give in this post to install font or Just unzip and copy shivaji01.ttf font to “C:\windows\fonts” folder.

We hope that this is useful change we have done for users needs. We respect all copyrights and giving all credits to original Shivaji font creator. Again we are looking for your valuable feedback, comments on our site.


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