How to download and install Shivaji font – Marathi font

Many of us want to type in marathi in MS word, Wordpad, Notepad or any windows application where we need Marathi font.  To do same follow the steps given below.

1) Download and Unzip the given  package in one folder. ( You may do it on desktop ). Download Font’s

2) Now goto My Computer –> C: –> WINDOWS –> FONTS folder Path will be like this in “C:\WINDOWS\Fonts”

3) Now open Fonts directory from Desktop and copy all 3 font and paste them in “C:\WINDOWS\Fonts” directory.

4) You done it. All fonts will get installed in your system.

5) Now open your word processing application and select Shivaji font out of 3 fonts installed as per your needs.

We hope its easy tutorial to install Marathi font on your PC.

138 thoughts on “How to download and install Shivaji font – Marathi font

  1. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

  2. I have MSOffice 2007, asper font installation your user guidline I go thr that but not showing font style in xls application.

    req. you to pls segest.


  3. मैत्रिचा मोति
    कुनच्याहि भग्य्यात नस्तो ,,
    सगराच्या प्रत्येक शिपल्यात मोति नस्तो,,
    जो विश्वसाने मैत्रि जप्तो , तो खरा मैत्रिचा मोति अस्तो

    1. Hi sarika please be description for youe question as that will help us to resolve your query. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Hi paras!

      Can you please tell us what type of help you need? You need marathi typing software or marathi fonts? Please read all post to get your answer!

      Thank You!!

  4. shivaji marathi typing software
    I appreciate your thought of inventing marathi shivaji typing for marathi people and people who are eager to learn marathi typing sitting at home has got a golden oppurtunity of learning marathi typing.
    I again thanks your thought of inventing marathi typing.


    1. विनायक धन्यवाद आपली अमूल्य प्रतिक्रिया आम्हाला हे संकेतस्थळ अधिक चांगले करण्यास मदत करतात!

  5. sir i had downloded..lipikar software….as well as shivaji fonts….i know marathi typing…but cant type like a type writer…how can i….plz help me regard this….thanks…..

  6. Which is the best software of Marathi typing software same as marathi typewritter key and how can i download it.
    pls. i need it…

    1. Hi Makarand,

      Thanks for such a nice feeback. We are happy to hear that more and more people likes this site. Keep telling your friends about marathityping.

      Thank You.

    1. Hi neha, You have to download shivaji font on your desktop.
      Then use path given in above post. which is C:\windows\fonts direcotry in most windows versions. paste there. There is no folder on desktop named fonts. U just use desktop to unzip fonts from this website.

      Thank You.

  7. i want to use the marathee shivaji font for business purpose.
    is there any charge on font or it is free ? pls reply

    1. Hi Bangi as of its freely available font. You can use it for free. But again you just search for same on google.

    1. Hi Shailesh what error you are getting? And in which directory you are installing fonts. Please check you are using administrator account that any guests account.

      Thank You.

    1. Hi Surya, SHivaji font is TTF font which will work only work with sites who are using same font for their website. Most of newspapers are using unicode fots So please check that you have enabled unicode in your system to do same visit.

      then you will be able to see blocks in the form of fonts.

  8. please tell me how to write the marathi words “aahes, aalas” i.e. starting with “aa” using shivaji font. I tried but haven’t got it. Would appreciate if someone tell me it.

  9. मला वर्ण आणि प्रशांत मधील र्ण आणि प्र हे शब्द कसे लिहायचे हे कृपया सांगू शकाल का?

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