Free 189 marathi fonts

Download Vimal font – Vimal.ttf

Vimal font

Download Vimalb font – Vimalb.ttf

Vimalb font

Download Vimalbi font – Vimalbi.ttf

Vimalbi font

Download Vimali font – Vimali.ttf

Vimali font

Download Vimal_cn font – Vimal_cn.ttf

Vimal_cn font

Download Vimal_th font – Vimal_th.ttf

Vimal_th font

Download Vimal_wd font – Vimal_wd.ttf

Vimal_wd font

Download Xdvng font – Xdvng.ttf

Xdvng font

Download _kundli font – _kundli.ttf

_kundli font

Note: If you think one of the font listed in above list is paid one and its owned by you and you want to remove it. Please feel free to mail us on with font to be removed. As we are only listing fonts which are free, publicly available on net like we have posted on this site.

135 thoughts on “Free 189 marathi fonts

  1. પ્રૌઢ પ્રતાપ પુરંધર ક્ષત્રિય કુભાવતંસ સિંહાસનાધીશ્વર છત્રપતી શિવાખી મહારાખ કી ખય!!

    Ha font paije mala..plz bhetl ka mala??

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