Free 189 marathi fonts

Hello all, Today we are posting list of free marathi and devnagari fonts for you. This is biggest (189 fonts) collection of marathi fonts on internet. This great collection was created by “Nandedians Blog“. We are giving you all these fonts with their previews so you can grab “just that font” which you need. We hope you all will enjoy this post. for more information and copyrights read at the end of this post.

Update : Because of some tech issue there was 404 errors for all font files we have fixed that issue now you can download fonts. Thank you.

How to Install these fonts on your system?
1)Download fonts which you need from list below.
2)Unzip font on your desktop.
3)Now right click and copy this font.
4)Open “C:/windows/font” directory of your PC and Paste font which was copied in step 3. or
Open “Control panel” – “fonts” and Paste font which was copied in step 3.

Feel free to leave feedback’s, comments.

Here is the list Name, Download link and Preview of font.

Download Agra font – Agra.ttf

Agra font

Download Agrab font – Agrab.ttf

Agrab font

Download Agrabi font – Agrabi.ttf

Agrabi font

Download Agrai font – Agrai.ttf

Agrai font

Download Agra_cn font – Agra_cn.ttf

Agra_cn font

Download Agra_th font – Agra_th.ttf

Agra_th font

Download Agra_wd font – Agra_wd.ttf

Agra_wd font

Download Ajay_no1 font – Ajay_no1.ttf

Ajay_no1 font

Download Ajay_no2 font – Ajay_no2.ttf

Ajay_no2 font

Download Ajay_no3 font – Ajay_no3.ttf

Ajay_no3 font

Download Ajay_no4 font – Ajay_no4.ttf

Ajay_no4 font

Download Ajay_no5 font – Ajay_no5.ttf

Ajay_no5 font

Download Ajay_no6 font – Ajay_no6.ttf

Ajay_no6 font

Download Ajay_nor font – Ajay_nor.ttf

Ajay_nor font

Download Aman font – Aman.ttf

Aman font

Download Amanb font – Amanb.ttf

Amanb font

Download Amanbi font – Amanbi.ttf

Amanbi font

Download Amani font – Amani.ttf

Amani font

Download Aman_cn font – Aman_cn.ttf

Aman_cn font

Download Aman_th font – Aman_th.ttf

Aman_th font

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