How to download and install Shivaji font – Marathi font

Many of us want to type in marathi in MS word, Wordpad, Notepad or any windows application where we need Marathi font.  To do same follow the steps given below.

1) Download and Unzip the given  package in one folder. ( You may do it on desktop ). Download Font’s

2) Now goto My Computer –> C: –> WINDOWS –> FONTS folder Path will be like this in “C:\WINDOWS\Fonts”

3) Now open Fonts directory from Desktop and copy all 3 font and paste them in “C:\WINDOWS\Fonts” directory.

4) You done it. All fonts will get installed in your system.

5) Now open your word processing application and select Shivaji font out of 3 fonts installed as per your needs.

We hope its easy tutorial to install Marathi font on your PC.

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  1. मला वर्ण आणि प्रशांत मधील र्ण आणि प्र हे शब्द कसे लिहायचे हे कृपया सांगू शकाल का?

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