Lipikaar Marathi Typing Software

1. What is Lipikaar?
Lipikaar is a simple method for typing in Marathi on an ordinary keyboard. It requires no learning, and within a few seconds you will be able to type in Marathi any word that you can imagine.

Lipikaar Typing Software is based on a simple assumption – if you can write in Marathi , then you can type in Marathi with Lipikaar. It works on all Windows Applications, MS Office, All Websites, Chat and E-mail.

2. Which applications does Lipikaar work with ?

Lipikaar for the Windows Desktop and Lipikaar Firefox Add-on, it supports almost all Windows and Internet based applications in which you need to type in Marathi
The Lipikaar Desktop Application lets you create Word documents, Presentations, Excel Sheets, or simply chat in any messenger in your language.Download this desktop plugin and type in your language in any standard Office, Internet and Windows Desktop Applications. Lipikaar works with Windows XP, Win 2000, Vista, ME.

3. Can I see a keyboard layout for Marathi

4. From where can i get more details about lipikaar.
You can get it from Official Website of Lipikaar Software.

Download Lipikar for Windows or Lipikaar for FireFox Browser

17 thoughts on “Lipikaar Marathi Typing Software

  1. I am having marathi typed matter in MS word file in mangal (unicode font).
    I want to change some matter or rectify some words.
    How to do that in the same file and same font.

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