Marathi Lekhani Font – Marathi TrueType Font

Marathi Lekhani – Marathi TrueType Font Recently we have posted How to install Shivaji font – Marathi font on your PC

Marathi lekhani is another true type font we have found. This font is created by Y V Sathaye in 2000. And its Free to use and non-commertial font. It’s easy to type font. To type “Marathi” in Devnagri script you have to type “mra#I” keys.

There are some “hidden symbols for “kana, matra, velanti, ukaar, chandra, anuswar” you have to type some keys two or more than two time and give a single backspace to get required results.

You may download Marathi Lekani Font from link given below.
Download Now

After downloading Marathi Lekhani font follow steps given in How to install Shivaji font – Marathi font on your PC post.

We hope you will enjoy writing and typing marathi,hindi on your pc with Marathi Lekhani font. For any query leave us comments.

17 thoughts on “Marathi Lekhani Font – Marathi TrueType Font

  1. I have tried umpteen number of software and Marathi fonts – Baraha, Lipikaar, inscript, Itrans, etc etc etc. But none of them have solved two problems. How to type the words in marathi which have a joint ‘ra’. The two problems are with the words like –
    1. Smruti, Kruti, Aakruti etc.
    2. karaNaryaa, laagaNaryaa etc.

    The first one does get solved with typing in Inscript, but the second one has no solution. No matter what you try, the output is a different half-ra. As in, it comes out like a ‘raphaar’, the one that is used in words like kaarya, sarva, etc.

    1. Hi there,

      There is solution in shivaji font. to locate “rapaar” you have to goto to start->program->Accessories->system tools-> charater map–> select shivaji font from drop down list and then chose rapar or copy paste or type it using unicode i.e “alt + numeric value of that “rapaar” there.

  2. I have found a rather long-winded solution, though. Open a window in Gmail and compose a mail with marathi typing turned on. Then type the word. It still gives the wrong output. Then start deleting alphabets with backspace. As you start deleting, it gives various options, and Voila! The right option comes up. Then do a copy-paste job. Its a shame that I have to resort to using Gmail to type one word in Marathi !

    Here are the outputs
    करणार्या करणाऱ्या
    वार्यावर वाऱ्यावर

    1. Hi there are you talking about typing in for words?

      varyavar वाऱ्यावर
      karnarya करणाऱ्या

      indeed you have to choose them from drop down suggestion. like gmail.

  3. mala english madhun marathi madhe typing karayche aahe for e.g. marathi english madhe lihile ki lagech marathimadhe marathi yayla have tyasathi konta font downlod katrava lagel v kasa karayacha te sanga. my co. no is 8983082994

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