Unicode To Krutidev To Unicode Convertor

Hi, we hope all of you are doing great. We update very less but we promise we will post new, helpful softwares, fonts and marathi typing related resources for all of you. We are back with new time saver, money saver Unicode to Krutidev and Krutidev to Unicode Convertor application by Rajyabhasha.Net.

Now a days many marathi websites are using unicode as their web font as it’s visible in all web browsers and unicode is now standard for delivering Devanagari contents to the audience. By using this convertor you can covert your old krutidev font documents to Unicode or any Unicode contents to Krutidev. It’s too easy and time saving job.

If you want to learn typing in Krutidev font, please goto our Krutidev Typing Tutor and start learning it.

Follow these steps to Download and install Unicode to Krutidev to Unicode Convertor.

Step #1. Download Unicode to Krutidev to Unicode.

Step #2. Unzip it on your desktop.

Step #3. Open UniKruti.exe

Step #4. If you want to Convert Krutidev to Unicode, Then copy your Krutidev text in left side box and click on Convert To Unicode Button which is at top.

Step #5. In right box your converted unicode is ready to share on website or via email. copy it and use it where you want.

Step #4. If you want to Convert Unicode to Krutidev, Then copy your Unicode text in right side box and click on Convert To Krutidev Button which is at bottom.

Step #5. In left box your converted unicode is ready. Copy it and use it in word processor like ms word. Before pasting make sure you have selected Krutidev as your font in ms word or any word processor.

We hope that you will enjoy this Unicode to Krutidev to Unicode Convertor. If you have questions do let us know in comments.

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