Free 189 marathi fonts

Hello all, Today we are posting list of free marathi and devnagari fonts for you. This is biggest (189 fonts) collection of marathi fonts on internet. This great collection was created by “Nandedians Blog“. We are giving you all these fonts with their previews so you can grab “just that font” which you need. We hope you all will enjoy this post. for more information and copyrights read at the end of this post.

Update : Because of some tech issue there was 404 errors for all font files we have fixed that issue now you can download fonts. Thank you.

How to Install these fonts on your system?
1)Download fonts which you need from list below.
2)Unzip font on your desktop.
3)Now right click and copy this font.
4)Open “C:/windows/font” directory of your PC and Paste font which was copied in step 3. or
Open “Control panel” – “fonts” and Paste font which was copied in step 3.

Feel free to leave feedback’s, comments.

Here is the list Name, Download link and Preview of font.

Download Agra font – Agra.ttf

Agra font

Download Agrab font – Agrab.ttf

Agrab font

Download Agrabi font – Agrabi.ttf

Agrabi font

Download Agrai font – Agrai.ttf

Agrai font

Download Agra_cn font – Agra_cn.ttf

Agra_cn font

Download Agra_th font – Agra_th.ttf

Agra_th font

Download Agra_wd font – Agra_wd.ttf

Agra_wd font

Download Ajay_no1 font – Ajay_no1.ttf

Ajay_no1 font

Download Ajay_no2 font – Ajay_no2.ttf

Ajay_no2 font

Download Ajay_no3 font – Ajay_no3.ttf

Ajay_no3 font

Download Ajay_no4 font – Ajay_no4.ttf

Ajay_no4 font

Download Ajay_no5 font – Ajay_no5.ttf

Ajay_no5 font

Download Ajay_no6 font – Ajay_no6.ttf

Ajay_no6 font

Download Ajay_nor font – Ajay_nor.ttf

Ajay_nor font

Download Aman font – Aman.ttf

Aman font

Download Amanb font – Amanb.ttf

Amanb font

Download Amanbi font – Amanbi.ttf

Amanbi font

Download Amani font – Amani.ttf

Amani font

Download Aman_cn font – Aman_cn.ttf

Aman_cn font

Download Aman_th font – Aman_th.ttf

Aman_th font

119 thoughts on “Free 189 marathi fonts

  1. Could any one please tell me are those fonts have been moved to somewhere else?? i m not able to download these fonts,i mean when i download zip its empty zip file.

    1. Hi JItendra we are sorry to say but we placed some extra charaters in our all files which leades in 404 error. Now all links are correct. Thanks for reporting.

  2. हे सर्व फॉन्ट एका जिप मध्ये नाही का मिळणार?

    1. हे सर्व फॉन्ट हवे तसे घेता यावेत आणि विनाकारण त्याचा भर सर्वर वरती पडू नये त्यासाठी वेगवेगळे दिले आहेत. तुम्ही सर्व फॉन्ट एफ. डी. एम. चा वापर करून घेवू शकता.

      1. मी सर्व फोन्ट एकच वेळ कशे डाउनलोड करू शकतो ?

  3. Is there a keyboard layout for typing in Marathi? I have Kiran fonts but all the fonts given on above page do not work in that. How can I use these fonts to type directly in Microsoft word?

    Great collection of fonts by the way.. Thanks for sharing.

    – Mahesh

  4. Just downloaded; soon let you about its utylity and others.
    Thank you for your gtreat service Marathi people.

  5. I want to read a marathi document which is in “DVB-TTSurekhEN” font !! From where can i get it?? I use microsoft office-07 !!!

  6. I am using ms office 2007, as per ur guidline i copy and save the fonts in win/font dir. but not working. tell me other route.

    1. Hi Pereira,
      Copy fonts to Windows/fonts directory and then in tools or edit menu select fonts and then select font name which you have installed in windows/fonts directory. Without selecting fonts from fonts list you can’t type anything.

      Thank You.

    1. Hi Kiran,

      Sorry to say but These fonts have vast scope and that’s the reason we are not providing keyboard layout. Alternatively you can view keyboard layout using microsoft’s on screen keyboard and by selcting that font. which is in accessories – system tools.

      Thank You.

  7. I have downloaded dvb tt Surekh font but as soon as I start type in that font, it changes automatically to Mangal which I am already having. I am not able to type in Surekh font. Please guide me how I can type through Surekh font.


    Mahesh Namjoshi

    1. Hi mahesh in which word processor you are using that font? Create new document and select that font at the beginning and then start typing as seems to be default font is getting override on selected.

  8. I have downloaded dvb tt Surekh font but as soon as I start type in that font, it changes automatically to Mangal which I am already having. I am not able to type in Surekh font. Please guide me how I can type through Surekh font.


  9. Hi Sir , I would like to ask you that how can we type in marathi in facebook. I have tried ut but not working. So please help me.

  10. मी या फोण्ट्स पैकी दोन download केले. पण office 2007 words च्या लिस्ट मध्ये एकही दिसत नाही. प्लीज मदत करावी.

    प्रसाद रोकडे

    1. Hi Prasad, Please make sure u have installed them correctly and make sure they are appearing as their devnagari name or some other name. as some times font names are different or in short name.

  11. ya mahiti bddl dhnyavaaddd…
    pn mla ajun madt tumchya kdun hvi ahe.. krupya mla kuni sangu shakata jka ya aagra font cha..
    virtual keyboerd m,ulu shkto ka… jr ithe kunas mahiti aslayas tyabddl kalavavae.

    Appli vibnamr. Divya

    1. jar tumhi windows xp waprat asal tar tumhi on-screen keybaord select karun aaplyala havya asnarya font cha keyboard layout pahu shakta.

  12. मराठी टायपिंग करतांना अर्धा र, अॅड, इ. शब्ल लिहीताना अर्धा र व्यवस्थीत येत नाही तसेच अॅड लिहीताना अर्धाचंद्र अ च्यावरीत येत नाही तरी त्याकरीताच्या सुचना द्याव्यात

    1. Namaskar, Sadarche font he vegvelage asun tyanusar tumhala tyatil special characters character map madhun copy paste karave lagtat karan sarvach akshare keyboard warti basu shakat nahit.

      Thank You

  13. Hi

    I want to know which font is used on this website for translation of marathi ?
    Please help me i want to built one website in marathi.

  14. मला आपण मराठी Calligraphy किंवा मराठी Grafitti फॉंन्टस देऊ शकता का,मी फार प्रयत्न करूनही ते net वर मिळाले नाही. Plz Help Me.

  15. koni sangel ka government exam sathi kuthala fotn vaparala jato karan pratyek marathi font cha typing different aahe.

    1. Dear Suraj, You have to make your own keyboard layout. We don’t have it with us. Just open text editor and then select font and type and note down keystrokes for each key.

  16. Admin i use ism ddv dhur but u said krutidev is use for ism goverment. but in windows 7 akshar k v d he yet nahi. kay karave.

  17. HI Sir Realy nice and Usefull font u have and just one query to u how to type leters in different fonts Like I want to type “RAJMUDRA” so how can i type in Saroj Font ??????

    1. Hi Suraj, you need to find keys associated with these fonts as we have not tested all fonts.

      Just type all keys in one text file selecting that font and then study it.

  18. Khup Sundar collection parantu kahi page search kelyanantar font jara eksarkhe disu lagtat.. pan asehi kahi font ahe je fakt mala ya website var disale… apratim tari jara anakhi fonts astil tar nakki mitranna recomend karnar…. thank u..

  19. pls. mala je latest marathi flaks tayar kele jatat tyavarche navin font apan kase milvave sanga pls.
    mi inquiry keli hoti pn te mala shree lipi santat pn te latest marathi font nahi.

    1. Its phonetics keyboard type in english and get it in marathi.
      like google IME, pramukh IME or google online typing.

  20. Sir,

    I want Shree-Dev-001 font, because my some marathi files are Shree-Dev-001 so plz guide me how to convert to regular marathi phonts.


    raosaheb desale

  21. I need a marathi font which looks like typewriter. plz give a link or suggest a font.
    awaiting reply,


  22. सर हे fonts error दाखवतात. हे fonts चालु करण्यासाठी काय कराव लागेल

  23. सं्कृ िींमध्ये, िषािुिषे, एखाद्या जमािीच्या काही लोकांिा झालेल्या िुकसािीसाठ आपापसाि संचय आवण िाटप ही संकल्पिा िापरली आहे. आिा आपण ही संकल्पिा कोणत्याप्रकारे लागू करण्याि आली हे पाहू.

    can any body help with above errors, during Pdf to Word conversion fonts alos got changed.
    in which font above typed and which fonts to use

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