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मराठी मध्ये टाईप करा. ( इंग्लिश किंवा मराठी टाईपींग साठी Ctrl+g दाबा)

Special characters : – लँड    – कॅट    – बॉट

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  1. Dear Sir, your software is discontinue during marathi typing. I am typing in english but its automatically taking into marathi words but after sometime i unable to work. pls help me out.

    Warm Regards AshoK

    1. HI ashok. Try to clear your browsers cache. Try to use it from firefox browser. and again this service needs good internet speed as this is online service. do let me know if things work for your.

      Thank you. 🙂

  2. चांगला प्रयत्न आहे आणि फारच उपयोगी. ह्या website साठी एक banner बनवा जसा तुम्ही हा code दिला आहे. Banner असला तर थोडा आकर्षक वाटेल आणि इतर कोणी website वर टाकल्यास ते चटकन दिसून देखील येईल. ह्या website साठी धन्यवाद.

  3. अत्यंत उपयुक्त अशी ही wesite आहे. माझ्या शुभेच्छ्या !!!!

  4. Namaskaar,

    I like this software and I am trying to learn it. I have a problem for typing “ee” (Aaaee cha “ee”, marathi name for mother) letter in marathi using this font. Which key works for this ? As I can type all letters, except my mother “Aaee”.

    Is there any help or any tutorial for letters ?


    1. Hi prasad, while typing आई you have to type “aa” for “आ” then type “e” and press backspace key there you will get list of characters starting with “e” then select one from that list now in this case its “ई”.

      Type aa then space then e then backspace then select “ई” and then remove space between आ and ई.

      I hope this will help you!

  5. आम्ही तुमच्या ह्या सहकार्या बदल फार आभी आहोत.!

  6. Hello Administrator !

    thanks for the suggestions, but it also did not work. When I type “e”, it comes out Edka “e” instead of idilimbu “e”.

    How to type aai cha “e”?

    Similar ly, I am not able to write my name “Prasad” as there is problem in writing “pra”

    Please suggest once again.



  7. mi 1st time hi website open keli ahe. malahi khoop changli vatli. khant evhadich ahe ki mi marathi he type karu shakat nahi.

  8. mi 1st time hi website open keli ahe. malahi khoop changli vatli. khant evhadich ahe ki mi marathi he type karu shakat nahi.

  9. खूप खूप आभार आपले हि अनोखी साईट उपलब्ध करून दिली सर्वाना
    मला या साईट ला आपल्या देस टाप इंस्टाल करायचे आहे जेणे करून ऑफ लाईन मध्ये हि मी टायपिंग करू शकेल …

    लवकरात लवकर उत्तर द्यावे हि विंनती

    skkumar60@gmail.com ya var uttal pathwave

  10. मला हि webasite खूप आवडली. यातून खूप काही शिकलो.
    website तयार करणार्यांचे खूप आभारी आहे.

    1. pallavee you can copy-paste but remember you have to set encoding type to utf-8. older version may be or may not be display these fonts.!

  11. मराठी टायपिंग केल्यामुळे आपल्याला मराठी लोकांशी संवाद उत्तम प्रकारे साधता येतो .
    हि सेवा दिल्या बदल धन्यवाद ,,,,,,
    तुमचे आभिनंदन ……..

  12. Dear Sir,
    I typing this sentences in this s/w…
    I want following sentences in marathi language only…
    1st time when I copy this in my word 2003,appearing square boxes…then I do seeting as default.
    मराठी आहोत मराठीच राहणार
    नवीन वर्षाच्या शुभेच्छा गुढीपाडव्यालाच देणार…
    It’s really working…& very well copy paste in my microsoft word 2003…

    1. Hi sandeep, Copy typed marathi, create new text docuement in notepade! paste marathi contents there. then save as. Type file name as “myfile.html”, save as “all files”, and ecoding “utf-8” ans save it.

      then open it using firefox or internet explorer and print it from file->print command.

  13. I want to type Marathi in my E mail accounts and want to type in Devanagari (marathi – i.e. DVB TT Surekh font)which I cannot type. I want to send this to my friends in Marathi. I have typed in ISM driver but of no use. It all failures my efforts. Pl. help me.

    1. Hi, chandrashekhar you have to copy paste marathi from this box to your mail or if you are using your own font. Type your matter in text file send that attachment to your friend, you friends must have that font installed on his system.

  14. google translation tools is very accurate and easy

    english madhye type kartaach marathi madhye translate hote aani wel naahi laagat .. instantly hote

  15. खूप खूप आभार आपले हि अनोखी साईट उपलब्ध करून दिली सर्वाना
    मला या साईट ला आपल्या देस टाप इंस्टाल करायचे आहे जेणे करून ऑफ लाईन मध्ये हि मी टायपिंग करू शकेल …

  16. खूप खूप आभार आपले हि अनोखी साईट उपलब्ध करून दिल्याबद्दल.

  17. respected sir / madam,

    can u pls give me weblink so i can download marathi writing on mu pc..i like make greeting in marathi language.

    pls help me to do..this is not my job..its my hobby


  18. Khup chhan website ahe hi. Khup divasani mala marathi typing karayala milae, tyabaddal mi tumchi khup abhari ahe.


  19. kharach hya web mule mala khup fayda zala ahe karan mala pratyek veli mms word madhye java lagaych ata me direct type karun copy karto. thank you

  20. This marathi typing software is really very easy to use and helpful and easily available on internet .. thanks for such great help

  21. sir tumchi website khup masta aahe marathi typing sathi tar uttam aamchya sarkhya lekhakan sathi tar suvarna sandhi mala tumchi website khup aawadli. pan yaa website war type kelele fond mi majhya word page var pase kele tar he marathi fond disat nahi fakta box sarkhe fond yetat tyachya sathi kay karu sir jara help kara mala. mi majhya microsoft word kutla fond add karu te sanga.

    1. Kamalesh tumhi konta word processor use karta? jar tumcha wordprocessor ha office 2010 kiva tyahun motha asel tar tumhi direct copy paste karu shakta. ani unicode fonts pahu shakta.

  22. sir..plz help me….

    i m unable to type like a type writer how can i type marathi typing on my pc..like a type writer….

  23. नमस्कार… खुप उपयुक्त असे सॉफ्टवेअर आहे… त्याबद्दल धन्यवाद… परंतु माझा की-बोर्ड इनस्क्रीप्ट नसून गोदरेज-1 आहे… कृपया उपलब्ध करुन द्यावा ही विनंती… पुन:श्च धन्यवाद…!

    1. Hi Siddhesh,
      You can download any other marathi fonts from this site. Its just typepad where u can type and copy paste.


  24. guys thank u very much.god bless u.in maharashtra everywhere u need marthi document.i am a secretary of my building and some member need marathi communication.now it’s so easy with all kana matra.life is became hasslefree.u just type highlight copy to word document and print.ones again god bless u.

    1. Hi Julie,

      Thank you so much for great feebback. We are working to serve to all marathi lovers. Keep posting your feedbacks and comments in future.


  25. धन्य्वाद-परन्तु काही अक्शराच्या ताइप करता येत नाहीत, जसे tarbooz,ravishanka madhy anuswar,akshata, या बद्दल सह्कार्य करावे.

    1. Namaskar रविशंकर,
      रविशंकर type karnyakarita tumhi “ravi shankar” ase type karave.
      टरबूज – tarbuz
      अक्षता – akshata

      Thank You.

  26. this is very useful for us.
    thank it is very easy for typing marathi and write on facebook so thanks once again to publish this marathi website.

  27. mala hi site typing sathi kashi use karavi te plz sanga…karan tumhi var dilelya box madhe mi type karat aahe pan marathit kahich yet nahi…..ya cha upyog mala kasa hoil….

    1. Hi abhijit,
      tumche internet connection fast nasave. Kiwa tumhi juna web browser waprat asawa. Krupya te check kara mahnje tumhi je english madhe type karta tyacha translation marathi madhe hoyil.

      Thank You.

  28. I like your website. it is useful for typing. but while copying marathi typing from this browser to microsoft word it shows square in place of character. i have mangal font. so please help me out.

    1. Hi Milind, as we haven’t provided such article in our website and we will do it in coming days mean while please refer this link to enable unicode in your system so you will see unicode fonts and not just squres. azhagi.com/help/aziounicodeenable.html ( Copy Paste this link )

      Thank You.

    1. Hi Kiran Please enable unicode in your system. Please follow this link for more help. As we haven’t posted that info in our site till date. azhagi.com/help/aziounicodeenable.html (copy paste )

      Thank You.

  29. तुम्हा सगळ्यांना धन्यवाद.सगळ्यात पहिले तुम्हाला माझा आशीर्वाद.माझे वय ५८ वर्ष आहे.मी सोसायटीची सचिव आहे.बरीच लोक मराठी असल्यामुळे पत्रव्यवहार मराठीत करतात.आपल्या मराठी मध्ये उत्तर देण्याचे अतिशय सोपे झाले आहे.तसेच सरकारी पत्र व्यवहार करण्यास अतिशय सोपे झाले आहे.

  30. hi thanks for making this site….!!! khup fayda hotoy hya website cha…!!! pan mala 1 problem aahe mala marathit mala gas kase lihave he kalat nahiye ….!!! plz mala help kara plz plz plz…..!!!!

    1. Hi amit kahi special characters ya type pad madhe uplabdha nahit. Tyaaiwaji tumhi ॅ he character ग nantar copy paste karave jenekarun गॅ he akshar milel.

      Thank You.

    1. Hi Jana,

      To type in marathi. just start typing in phonetics. Like mala marathi lihayche aahe in above box and it will get converted into marathi devnagari script.

      Thank You.

  31. नमस्कार,

    हा Font खूपच छान आहे. धन्यवाद….

    हा Font down load करण्या साठी काय करावे ते सांगाल का?

    1. Hi Mukul,

      Ha font nasun hi ek online marathi typing pad aahe. Jithe tumhi online english to marathi type karu shakta.

      Thank You.

  32. आपल्या संगणकावर मराठी युनिकोड वापर कसा करावा हे शिका. मराठी लिहीणे सोपे जाईल.

  33. I have SAMSUNG Laptop with win7 & intelpentium.Please guide me to copy this programme on to my pc.So that I can Communicate with Others in Marathi.Thanks for developing this wonderful simple process.

  34. I hav done evrythng as per directed bt stil m nt able 2 view marathi pages on facebook or in google chrome,
    plz help me out 🙁

    1. Hi Tejal,
      as we haven’t provided such article in our website and we will do it in coming days mean while please refer this link to enable unicode in your system so you will see unicode fonts and not just squres. azhagi.com/help/aziounicodeenable.html ( Copy Paste this link )

      Thank You.

  35. Google IME is far batter than Pramukh or any other. However, installation of Google IME is a tricky thing; perhaps you may need to have your Windows XP (or whichever OS you’re using) Installation CD with you. Don’t worry… we don’t need to re-install Windows OS… Windows OS Language Keyboard specific files are in option file-set and your Windows OS may ask you to provide installation CD to install these required files. Once it’s set, it’s much better than any other IME I’ve seen or used. Try it, you’ll love it…

  36. Dear Admin,

    I am using marathi transliteration software to type marathi. My problem is I am unable to type certain words which are in english and they need to be typed in devnagari like “land” “black” “mutual” “corporation”….. Please advise.

    1. Hi sanjay, aamhi nuktech ardha chandra ani chandra ani timba he special character add kele aahet te use karun aaple shabda type karu shakta. Fakta shabda type kelya nantar to devnagarimadhe convert hovu dya va tya nantar space kadhun takun chandra kiva chandra ani timba war click kara.

      Thank You.

    1. Hi Harshali,
      Just type harshali and then press spacebar you will get हर्षली Now Press backspace one or two times and select correct choice from list popuped. You have to select हर्षाली which is correct.

      I hope you got how to type harshali.

  37. आतापर्यंत जेवढ्या मराठी साईट्स पहिल्यात त्यात ही अप्रतिम साईट आहे . विनासायास मराठी टायपिंग करता येते ….मराठी मने जुळताहेत …….आभार …! An excellent & wonderful site…thnx.

    1. Hi Shraddha, to type कॅट First type “c” it will get converted to क then remove space and click on ardha changra which is on top of type box and word will became कॅ then make one space and type “t” now press backspace and you will get suugested words in list. select ट now entire word will be “कॅ ट” now remove space and you will get कॅट.

      Thank You.

  38. thanks for providing best converter some time i have to use Special characters : ँ – लँड ॅ – कॅट though they are there but it can not be used or there on guideline for that

    1. Hi vinay please copy ॅ character and paste it where u want. like paste it after making क in devnagari. and then join all ट to it. so it will make कॅट.

      Thank you.

    1. Hi Vinayak. Please check again there we have added unicode character for same issue. Thanks for your headup for same issue as we are always looking for readers and users like you to help us to enhance our web and your experience.

      Thank You.

    1. Hi chinmyee,
      This is online marathi typing tool. Tumhi Ya website madhe asnare etar kontehi offline typing tools download karu shakta. Jasa Pramukh IME, goole IME download karu shakta.

  39. खूप खूप आभार हि सेवा दिल्याबद्दल आमचे खूप महत्वाचे काम होत आहे……..

  40. मराठी भाषा मागे पडणार नाही तिचा जास्तीत जास्त वापर कसा होईल ह्यासाठी घेतलेला हा वाखाणण्या सारखा प्रयत्न. खरच जबरदस्त काम! मनापासून अभिनंदन!. इतक्या वषार्त कधी वाटले नव्हते कि कधी सहज पणे मराठी टाईप करता येईल असे! खरेच छान !

    1. Hi Prashant, Thanks/Dhanyavad Keep posting your questions, comments and keep sharing marathityping dot com with your friend and family.

      Thank You.

  41. tumachya software madhe (nagvekar) type kela ki (नागवेकर) yete pan itar marathi typing software madhe tech (naagavekar) type kelya var (नागवेकर) yete. tumachya website pramane type honya sathi kai karava lagel

    1. Hi Sushil Tyasathi tumhi google IME cha wapar karu shakta. Karan Unicode typing softwares madhe use nusar kana matra a kinva aa cha wapar karun kela jato.

      Thank you.

  42. khup khup abhari ahe. tumhi sangitlya pramane mi karun pahile ani jamale hi. tumhi dilelya achuk uttara mule majha problem solved zala ahe. knowledge is power ani te tumhi itarana deun tyana pan powerful banvat aahat. thank you,

  43. मी शब्दात सांगू शकत नाही पण इतक्या सहज आपण मराठी लिहू शकतो हे खरोखरच अवर्णनीय आहे.

    1. HI Sushi, Google IME use kartana tumhi Ctrl + G use karun marathi unicode typing band karu shakta. Parantu tumhi marathi fonts styles nivadu shakat nahi.

      Thank You.

  44. धन्यवाद ! मराठी टायपिंगची सेवा दिलेबद्दल अत्यंत आभारी आहे .

  45. खूप छान आपले मनःपूर्वक आभार. भगवंताची कृपा आपल्यावर कायम राहो. आपली प्रगती आपल्या इच्छेच्याहि पुढे जावो. हीच प्रार्थना.

    1. Hi Sharad Thanks for your nice comment and keep visiting marathityping.com if you can spread word about marathityping with your friends too.

      Thank You.

  46. mala marathi typing karayachi aahe kay karu aata? karan marathi frount ublabdha nahi tumacyakade.

    1. Hi there,
      Please read instructions given in out post. we have 100’s of fonts and softwares for marathi typing.

  47. Q)1. generally…….. space margin is kept on Left Margin
    Q)2.End of line is indieatad by ……..
    Q)3 …….oil is used in typewriter for smooth typing

  48. marathi taiping na yenaray pan marathith lihanyachi iccha asanarya mazya sarakha asankha lokana khup soy zali dhnyawad

  49. अक्षरावर अर्धचंद्र कसा द्यायचा ? उदाहरणार्थ, cat, apple, doctor हे शब्द कसे टाईप करायचे ?

  50. अत्यंत उत्तम अशी सोय सर्वांना सहज वापरण्या सारखी

  51. अर्धा र कृती देव font मध्ये कसा घ्यायचा
    कृपया सांगावे

  52. कृती देव font मध्ये क्र, हृ, ऊ हा शब्द कसा घ्यायचा कृपया सांगावे

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