219 Devanagari fonts collection

Download Preeti bold font – Preeti bold.ttf

Preeti bold font

Download Preeti heavy normal font – Preeti heavy normal.ttf

Preeti heavy normal font

Download Preeti normal font – Preeti normal.ttf

Preeti normal font

Download Priyatam regular font – Priyatam regular.ttf

Priyatam regular font

Download Punmaya normal font – Punmaya normal.ttf

Punmaya normal font

Download Ramsham regular font – Ramsham regular.ttf

Ramsham regular font

Download Rangila plain plain font – Rangila plain plain.ttf

Rangila plain plain font

Download Ranjana lipi regular font – Ranjana lipi regular.ttf

Ranjana lipi regular font

Download Ritu font – Ritu.ttf

Ritu font

Download Rukmini normal font – Rukmini normal.ttf

Rukmini normal font

Download Sabdatara normal font – Sabdatara normal.ttf

Sabdatara normal font

Download Sadhana regular font – Sadhana regular.ttf

Sadhana regular font

Download Safaltaa bold font – Safaltaa bold.ttf

Safaltaa bold font

Download Safaltaa regular font – Safaltaa regular.ttf

Safaltaa regular font

Download Sagarmatha regular font – Sagarmatha regular.ttf

Sagarmatha regular font

Download Sama regular font – Sama regular.ttf

Sama regular font

Download Sama ver 4 normal font – Sama ver 4 normal.ttf

Sama ver 4 normal font

Download Samarkan normal truetype font – Samarkan normal truetype.ttf

Samarkan normal truetype font

Download Sandhu01 regular font – Sandhu01 regular.ttf

Sandhu01 regular font

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  1. Hello friends, I am Shirish Babtiwale. I am very passionate about caligraphic beautiful fonts. I would like to type in good marathi fonts like “Maya” or “Shivaji.” I don’t know marathi typing but can use transileration software from Google such that typing text in English, I can get corresponding Marathi text. But my problem is that I want the text in some selected FONTS indicated above. Can you help?

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