219 Devanagari fonts collection

Download Ganess regular font – Ganess regular.ttf

Ganess regular font

Download Ganga 1 regular font – Ganga 1 regular.ttf

Ganga 1 regular font

Download Ganga italic font – Ganga italic.ttf

Ganga italic font

Download Ganga sunil font – Ganga sunil.ttf

Ganga sunil font

Download Gauri regular font – Gauri regular.ttf

Gauri regular font

Download Golchha_nepali normal font – Golchha_nepali normal.ttf

Golchha_nepali normal font

Download Gopal2 regular font – Gopal2 regular.ttf

Gopal2 regular font

Download Gorkhali nepali regular font – Gorkhali nepali regular.ttf

Gorkhali nepali regular font

Download Haha regular font – Haha regular.ttf

Haha regular font

Download Hahahuhu regular font – Hahahuhu regular.ttf

Hahahuhu regular font

Download Harka regular font – Harka regular.ttf

Harka regular font

Download Hemant ajay regular font – Hemant ajay regular.ttf

Hemant ajay regular font

Download Himal regular font – Himal regular.ttf

Himal regular font

Download Himalaya regular font – Himalaya regular.ttf

Himalaya regular font

Download Himalaya tt font normal font – Himalaya tt font normal.ttf

Himalaya tt font normal font

Download Himalayabold regular font – Himalayabold regular.ttf

Himalayabold regular font

Download Himalb regular font – Himalb regular.ttf

Himalb regular font

Download Himalbold bold111090 131932 font – Himalbold bold111090 131932.ttf

Himalbold bold111090 131932 font

Download Himali normal font – Himali normal.ttf

Himali normal font

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  1. Hello friends, I am Shirish Babtiwale. I am very passionate about caligraphic beautiful fonts. I would like to type in good marathi fonts like “Maya” or “Shivaji.” I don’t know marathi typing but can use transileration software from Google such that typing text in English, I can get corresponding Marathi text. But my problem is that I want the text in some selected FONTS indicated above. Can you help?

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