219 Devanagari fonts collection

    Hi and Namaskar all marathi typing and hindi typing users. Thanks alot for your love and great feedbacks since last 2 years. We are really happy 🙂 that all of you are enjoying marathi and hindi typing on your computers in your daily life. We have listed lots of free fonts on site like Free 189 marathi fonts and much more similar. And today we are providing bunch of Devanagari fonts for Marathi as well as Hindi Typing. This collection is biggest ever fonts collection and we are providing then on one to one basis for easy downloading as per needs.

How to Install these fonts on your system?
1)Download fonts which you need from list below.
2)Unzip font on your desktop.
3)Now right click and copy this font.
4)Open “C:/windows/font” directory of your PC and Paste font which was copied in step 3. or
Open “Control panel” – “fonts” and Paste font which was copied in step 3.

If you have any question leave us comment and feedbacks. We hope you will enjoy. Join our facebook page at sidebar and share this post with your friends on facebook, google+, twitter, email :).

Team! 🙂

Update : Because of some tech issue there was 404 errors for all font files we have fixed that issue now you can download fonts. Thank you.

Fonts List! 20 Fonts per page.

Download Aakar regular font – Aakar regular.ttf

Aakar regular font

Download Annapurna regular truetype font – Annapurna regular truetype.ttf

Annapurna regular truetype font

Download Anuradha regular font – Anuradha regular.ttf

Anuradha regular font

Download Bahun regular font – Bahun regular.ttf

Bahun regular font

Download Bahunbad regular font – Bahunbad regular.ttf

Bahunbad regular font

Download Barood plain0 font – Barood plain0.ttf

Barood plain0 font

Download Bhaktapur regular font – Bhaktapur regular.ttf

Bhaktapur regular font

Download Brush regular font – Brush regular.ttf

Brush regular font

Download Chandra head regular font – Chandra head regular.ttf

Chandra head regular font

Download Chandrodaya regular font – Chandrodaya regular.ttf

Chandrodaya regular font

Download Cv aakriti regular font – Cv aakriti regular.ttf

Cv aakriti regular font

Download Cv bihani regular font – Cv bihani regular.ttf

Cv bihani regular font

Download Cv bipana regular font – Cv bipana regular.ttf

Cv bipana regular font

Download Cv ganesh regular font – Cv ganesh regular.ttf

Cv ganesh regular font

Download Cv maya regular font – Cv maya regular.ttf

Cv maya regular font

Download Cv nepali fancy 1 regular font – Cv nepali fancy 1 regular.ttf

Cv nepali fancy 1 regular font

Download Cv nepali fancy regular font – Cv nepali fancy regular.ttf

Cv nepali fancy regular font

Download Cv sadhana regular font – Cv sadhana regular.ttf

Cv sadhana regular font

Download Cv sristi regular font – Cv sristi regular.ttf

Cv sristi regular font

28 thoughts on “219 Devanagari fonts collection


    1. Hi neha, Please check that you have enabled unicode in your system to do same visit.


      then you will be able to see blocks in the form of fonts. No if you are just able to see blocks then there is no need to download any fonts they are unicode characters which can’t be render untill you are installing unicode support in your system.

    1. Hi samir, As True Type fonts can be used on MAC too so you just get how to install them on mac as we mostly use WIN machines. Download these fonts and google for how to install TTF fonts on MAC. That will help you for sure.

      Thank You 🙂

  2. I just want to know, How would i type my name in devnagri…?
    My name is Sandhya Moreshwar.
    Can you please mail this to me on my mail id………?

    1. Hi Sandhya ji,

      You can install one of the font and start typing your name. Or you cam use marathi typing box from this site to type your name in unicode fonts.
      Here is your name in unicode fonts “संध्या मोरेश्वर”.
      Like our page on facebook and share site with your friends.

      Thank You.

    1. Please check you have selected it from drop down list as in ms word font are listed with their preview and not by name in english.

  3. font दिलेत चांगली गोष्ट आहे, परंतु प्रत्येक font चा कि बोर्ड ले आउट वेगळा आहे. अशा परिस्थितीत काय करावे?

  4. Hi I am using Mangal font .The word Maharashtra (Any joint word)is displayed correctly in software,M S word .But its not displayed properly in pdf. Please help me with this

    1. can you try to save it as pdf using ms word else try to print that as pdf using pdf printer software and see if there is any difference.

  5. I am looking for some stylish devanagari unicode fonts. If you could specify which of the fonts listed here are unicode, it will help a lot.

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